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Proudly Supporting Our Local Schools.

The NSW Streetsmart Handbook. Extinkt are proudly supporting the official publication of the Auspol – Police Welfare Foundation: The NSW Streetsmart Handbook. The Streetsmart Handbook is a practical life guide for 16 and 17 year old school leavers that is designed to help prepare today’s youth for life after school. The information contained inside is […]

Spring Tattoo Removal Give Away.

Congratulations to all of our lucky winners.  Well done to everyone who received a free treatment session and thank you to those who took the time to participate in our Spring Tattoo Removal Give Away! We’ve enjoyed meeting all who have been treated so far, and look forward to meeting those yet to come in. We can’t […]

Why Our Tattoo Removal Promise Is The Best You’ll Find.

Raising the bar in laser tattoo removal.  If you are reading this as one of our current clients, we already know how happy you are with the promise we have in place for you. For all those still considering tattoo removal or even deciding on which clinic to partner with, this article most definitely makes […]

Tattoo Removal Discount For Those Focused On Health & Fitness.

Anytime Fitness Offer! Extinkt have partnered with Anytime Fitness, the biggest fitness community in Australia, to provide their members with a laser tattoo removal discount. Simply present your Anytime Access Key to receive your first 2 treatments at a huge 50% off. What better way to reward those committed to improving their health than by […]

Tattoo Removal And Your Health. A Faster Tattoo Removal.

The steps you can take to achieve a faster tattoo removal. While technology is by far the most important component when considering tattoo removal, many don’t take notice of the role their health plays in determining how effective each treatment can be.  Most somewhat understand the role of the immune system in clearing away ink particles, […]