Cosmetic Brows

Eyebrow Laser Tattoo Removal.

Saying goodbye to your semi-permanent brows.

Laser tattoo removal from this area of the body can be worrying for clients who are unsure of the process and outcome, especially as it involves delicate facial skin. Continue reading below to make sure you take the right path when considering having eyebrow tattoo removal treatment.

In almost all cases eyebrow ink will remove at a much faster rate than regular tattoo ink and will likely only need two or three treatments. This is because the semi-permanent ink used is designed to fade over time on its own and is also very superficial (near the surface). This allows us to calibrate our machine on a much lower setting, causing less irritation to the skin.

Eyebrow Tattoo RemovalUnlike hair removal lasers, our world leading technology will not cause any damage to the hair follicles. Because the duration of the pulse is so short, there is not enough time for them to be affected. It is worth mentioning some hairs may lighten temporarily, as the laser is attracted to dark pigment, we do however take steps to reduce this effect.

The healing process for eyebrow tattoos can be similar to that of regular treatment, including possible swelling and redness immediately following and for 2-3 days after. The skin can also become dry and possibly flake for a period of approximately 7-10 days. We would like to stress that this is a normal part of the healing process and will not cause any long-term damage or scarring in the area. We also recommend being treated on a day when your next 48 hours are looking reasonably quiet. During the healing phase it is very important not to use any chemical products on the area for at least 5 days.

Start with a test patch.

Your first treatment is reserved specifically for a test patch. This way we can determine if any additional ingredients that may have been added to your ink will cause an adverse reaction. Eyebrow technicians can occasionally add customised colour pallets to match your skin tone and hair colour. The metallic ink that is sometimes used can cause the area to darken when treated. For this reason it is best to start with one pulse of the laser to the end of each brow. After a 2 week healing period, we can then go ahead with your first complete treatment.

Finally, please be sure to visit a recognised tattoo removal provider using only the best scar free technology, who is more than happy to provide evidence of their work. You can browse (pun intended) some of our most recent results in our online gallery. Remember that overall, the very temporary period for treatment and healing is more than worth being once again happy with your new ink free eyebrows!

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