Extinkt laser tattoo removal sydney skin rejuvenation process

Combining Laser Tattoo Removal & Skin Rejuvenation

Our Rare Approach For Advanced Results.

In recent years, laser tattoo removal technology has advanced significantly, and complete scar free results are certainly now a very real option for many whom no longer wish to own their ink (or we wouldn’t exist!). There are however many machines available and choosing the right provider is crucial. With the right technology and specialist care, exceptional scar free tattoo removal can be achieved.

Only more recently has tattoo removal been combined with skin rejuvenation, providing clients with not only removal of their ink, but also fewer treatments through advanced healing, resurfacing and restoration of the skin. This has proven to be a great combination, allowing an even more thorough removal experience.

Originally, two machines were used (and still are) producing unmatched and outstanding results. This lead to the new age of machines, where both tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation can now be offered from the one system. This technology is still so new in fact, that we were proudly the very first clinic in Sydney to operate it. There are currently only a few machines Australia wide.

How does it work?

Skin RejuvenationAfter cleaning and cooling of the area, the first laser treatment focuses only on breaking down the ink. It is then we use an alternate hand piece that divides the laser into many tiny beams. During this second treatment, the laser creates micro tunnels in the skin. These tunnels are evenly distributed, forming over a fraction of the area that receives the pulse (see image). For this reason, the hand piece is known as the fractional hand piece.

The tiny tunnels allow heat to be released from the site more efficiently, while also stimulating collagen (responsible for skin strength). Both factors allow for faster healing and significantly reduce the chance of any side effects. Further, the tunnels help to break down any inconsistencies that may have formed during the application of the tattoo, and most importantly reduce the number of treatments required for complete removal.

To achieve the most advanced results possible for all clients, a combined approach is now considered essential. We are very happy to be offering both treatments at our Campbelltown tattoo removal clinic, and the best part is our extra service comes at no extra cost! Skin rejuvenation is complimentary for all clients with each and every treatment.

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