In the majority of cases, yes! Complete scar free tattoo removal is absolutely achievable. In some rare circumstances however, certain pigments may be stubborn and seem like they just don’t want to break down. That being said, we can still continue to treat them, although the possibility of side effects like natural pigment loss can increase in these situations.

The price per tattoo removal treatment comes down to sizing. Small tattoos begin at $70.00 per session, large at $350.00 and everything in between. Custom prices are provided for extra large areas. The great news is payment plans are available to all, which can mean removal at a similar rate to a gym membership!

The ONLY way to remove a tattoo safely, is by visiting a specialist laser tattoo removal clinic. All other methods come with a high risk of skin damage. A number of treatments are required, ranging from 1-2 treatments for lightly inked/amateur tattoos and up to 8-10 treatments or more for darker/professional tattoos.

In most cases yes. By investing in Quanta Systems we can treat a variety of tattoos, as our machine produces wavelengths capable of reaching almost all colours of the spectrum, including more difficult blue and green inks.

Extinkt provide a variety of everyday discount offers which are available to all clients. These include discounts for advanced payments, client referrals and a host of other options that enable customers savings of up to 10% off per session. All clients also receive 50% off their 5th treatment with our rewards program. Fortunate Anytime Fitness members also have access to an exclusive offer, making us the most competitive price for laser tattoo removal in Sydney. Our specialists will outline your significant savings options during your free consultation.

The number of sessions required before complete removal will vary with each individual. Contributing factors include age; diet; colour; size and quality. Please keep in mind that while some tattoos can take as little as 1 to 3 treatments for removal, others will often require between 5 and 10, while in very rare cases up to 15+ sessions have been documented. At each clients initial consult we will estimate the likely number of treatments for complete removal, and from this form your maximum payment guarantee. Should you reach this we will continue to treat you free of charge for a period of 1 year.

The amount of discomfort experienced varies between clients however most report a mildly uncomfortable sensation. This is further reduced by the use of the Koolio Optimal Air Cooling System that is used throughout the treatment process. Operating Sydney’s first Q-Plus C Evo, we also perform skin rejuvenation to improve the aftercare experience. Where the tattoo is located and its size can contribute to the amount of discomfort experienced. Topical anaesthetics can also be used in combination with treatment however most clients choose not to use them.

After being treated for tattoo removal, the fractional hand piece delivers a laser beam into the skin that is divided into many tiny but deep columns. Old epidermal pigmented cells are expelled and penetration of collagen in the dermis causes a reaction that leads to remodelling and new collagen formation. The laser targets and treats intensively within the zone whilst surrounding healthy tissue remains intact and unaffected. This fractional treatment results in a faster healing process when compared with regular laser tattoo removal and does not cause the client any more discomfort than the removal treatment itself. We are very proud to offer this extra service with Sydney’s first Q-Plus C Evo, one of only a few Australia wide.

Of course. Our advanced equipment can be used for fading or complete removal of your tattoo. Clients wishing to have their tattoo faded generally consult their tattoo artist between sessions to find out how much more fading may be necessary. We can also help you seek out some great Sydney artists for your cover up.

Having invested in the number one manufacturer of tattoo removal technology, our services do include accurate and partial removal in all sizes.

For best results and to avoid side effects, the treatment area should not be exposed to the sun in the weeks leading up to and following treatment. Especially during Sydney’s harsh summer. Protective clothing and SPF30+ sun cream is recommended.

Our equipment produces non-ionising radiation and causes no harm to the skin. Quanta Systems have been used for many years to treat a variety of skin conditions with no documentation of harming (including skin cancer). Furthermore, unlike other brands, our machine does not use any more power, or stay in contact with the skin longer than necessary during the removal process, allowing scar free results.

We recommend a healing period of at least 3 months before beginning the removal process. This allows the skin enough time to heal, increases the response to laser treatment and minimises the chance of any side effects. The ink is however still considered ‘new’ at this stage and may not react as well as older tattoos.

We are very proud to have established the first dedicated tattoo removal clinic in South West Sydney, completely and only committed to tattoo removal. Like the best professional health services, we operate with the client’s safety, privacy and well being as our number one priority. Our maximum payment guarantee and every day discount offers also allow us to provide the most competitive prices in the state while still offering premium service.

In combination with the very best technology (Sydney’s first Q-Plus C Evo, limited to only a few clinics throughout Australia) and extensive training, our specialists have first hand experience with our machine. They can educate and guide you through your removal process based on not only clients they’ve treated, but also their very own experiences. We ensure our clients are in the best possible hands.

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