Men's Laser Hair Removal Campbelltown

Men's laser hair removal, by Extinkt. Be treated comfortably at our Campbelltown laser clinic without feeling out of place. No more waxing or shaving. Our safe, state of the art technology effectively targets your hair follicles and damages them permanently, resulting in smooth, hair free skin.

Laser hair removal is one of only 2 treatments provided at our location, the other being tattoo removal. As dedicated safety certified specialists, we do not offer any beauty services and can assure your hair removal experience will be entirely different to what you'd find when attending a beauty clinic.

Providing the highest standard of care at the most competitive prices, book an appointment online to enjoy smooth hair free skin. You can also call on 0478 776 561.


How much time per week do you dedicate to grooming? Save yourself the hassle with permanent reduction of your unwanted hair. Our treatments are safe, affordable and long lasting. By targeting the hair follicles at the root and stopping growth, we can also achieve smooth hair free skin, without the downside of normal shaving or trimming such as ingrown hairs or skin irritation.

With each treatment, you'll notice the growth of your hair begin to slow, and it won't require as much attention. Following your final treatment you'll no longer need to give it any time at all, and will only require the occasional maintenance appointment.

Laser Hair Removal FAQs

Is laser hair removal permanent?
The outcome of laser hair removal is long lasting hair free skin. The results can last for many months. However without maintenance there is the chance that eventually, hair will grow back. After your initial series of appointments, a maintenance session is recommended every 3-6 months.
How do I prepare for my appointment?
Please shave the treatment areas 12 hours prior to your appointment. If you fake tan, make sure it's removed prior and that you have not had excessive sun exposure in the 2 weeks leading up to your session. Don't wax, use depilatory creams or pluck hair prior to your appointment.
Will laser hair removal stop ingrown hairs?
It can definitely stop ingrown hairs. As the hair follicles are targeted at the root, the hair no longer grows and as a result, ingrown hairs are much less likely.
Can all hair colours be treated with laser hair removal?
Most colours can be other than grey, pale red, white and light blonde. As the laser picks up the dark pigment in the hair follicle, it will not be effective on these lighter colours.
How often do I attend appointments?
Appointments are scheduled every 4 weeks until the desired result is achieved. Maintenance treatments should then be booked every 3-6 months.


"I cannot say enough about Matt and the team from Extinkt. Their expertise is second to none, but more importantly their service is incredible. They talk you through every step of the way and follow up to ensure everything’s going as planned.

After one session I can already see better results than I've had from several sessions elsewhere. Cannot recommend these guys enough!"


"If you have considered laser tattoo removal I'd definitely recommend the team at Extinkt. Matt and Joel have been honest throughout my treatment process as well as providing me with a realistic and affordable treatment plan.

Thanks boys, awesome job!"


"I went to Extinkt Tattoo Removal after an unhappy experience at another removal practise. Not only were they very professional, but they actually care about their clientele. The initial consultation answered all my questions and put my mind at ease. The process itself was 50 % less painful than my previous treatment.

They even gave me an aftercare package and followed up with a call a day later to see how I was. 2 sessions with Extinkt was enough for me to cover over with a new tattoo. I would highly recommend them."