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The Tattoo Removal Aftercare Process

Looking After Your Treated Tattoo.

completed tattoo removal imageIn the hours and days following treatment, aftercare is an important part of the laser tattoo removal process. The skins response to laser can sometimes be worrying for the client, especially after the first session when it hasn’t yet been experienced. This is a normal reaction and a great question we’re often asked in the clinic.

Immediately after treatment the area will feel tender, warm and appear red, similar to moderate sunburn. Some clients may experience slight blistering, bruising or swelling, which is completely normal and will settle over the next few days. We do our best to accelerate the healing process using our skin rejuvenation laser, but there are also steps you can take to look after your treated tattoo.


What should you do?

To make sure the skin is as healthy as possible and to further speed up recovery, we recommend the following steps put together by leading skin care specialists:

  • Remove the supplied dressing after 4-6 hours and ensure the area is kept clean and dry.
  • Re-apply the provided aloe-vera gel regularly, especially during the first few days and while the skin is healing. If you’d like, you may use an antiseptic cream such as Bepanthen.
  • Avoid applying other creams, moisturisers, fake tan or make up to the area for 5 days or while the skin is still healing, unless advised.
  • Try not to wear restrictive shoes, clothing, jewellery or anything that may rub on the treated area.
  • Aim to reduce participation in heavy exercise, sport, or any activity that can cause stress to the treated area.
  • If the treated area is on your ankle or foot, it is important to try and stay off your feet and elevate it as often as you can for 48-72 hours, to minimise the inflammatory response and improve circulation.
  • Avoid hot baths, saunas, steam rooms and continuous running water over the area while your skin is healing.
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure, especially in Sydney’s summer, and ensure the treated area is covered with SPF if you’ll be in the sun.
  • If there are blisters present, do not pick, scratch or pop them. This is a normal response and is your body’s way of healing after being exposed to laser treatment.
  • If the area feels excessively warm, a cold pack or cool cloth can be applied to assist with discomfort. Do not apply ice directly to the skin, rather cover it in a cloth to avoid the risk of an ice burn.

At the conclusion of your first treatment you will be provided an aftercare pack containing your aloe-vera gel and this post treatment information. It is in your best interest to look after your skin during this time as well as you can. Further, if you have any questions regarding your skins recovery we are always happy to help.

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