The Process

Free Consultation

Your first session includes a complimentary, no obligation consultation with one of our skilled clinicians. During your consult we will discuss your goals and the most desirable approach to help you achieve the results you are seeking. You will be provided with all the necessary information to help you understand our technology, the cost of your treatments, discounts and payment options available to you. This allows you to leave completely confident in beginning your Extinkt experience. If time permits we may be able to treat you straight away.

Minimising Discomfort

Treatment begins with the application of the Koolio Optimal Air Cooling System. The application of cooling will continue throughout the entire tattoo removal process to ensure minimal discomfort over the course of the session, including upon completion of the treatment.

Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment

Our Quanta Q-Plus C Evo is set up to suit each individual accordingly, allowing removal of a variety of ink colours. During the treatment process, the ink particles are shattered into smaller fragments, which can then be naturally cleared by the lymphatic system. We then finish with the use of our fractional hand-piece, which significantly improves the reaction and healing time of the skin. This treatment is offered at no extra charge and we are proud to be one of the only clinics in Sydney and Australia currently providing it. Each treatment is documented allowing clients to see their progress and also as proof of the capabilities of our technology.

Caring For Your Skin

Once the session is complete, you will be provided with a detailed explanation on how to care for your treated skin, and given a complimentary care package to assist with the healing process.

Our Appointment Recommendation

In most cases and to maximise the effect of each treatment, we will schedule your next appointment 8 weeks after your treatment session. This allows optimal time for the shattered ink particles to be naturally removed.  Only in certain circumstances can other arrangements be made. Appointments may be booked sooner, so long as the tattoo area was not treated during the previous session.

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