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Why Our Tattoo Removal Promise Is The Best You’ll Find.

Raising the bar in laser tattoo removal. 

If you are reading this as one of our current clients, we already know how happy you are with the promise we have in place for you. For all those still considering tattoo removal or even deciding on which clinic to partner with, this article most definitely makes that decision for you. This promise far exceeds any other guarantee you will find, and we’re very excited to let you know about it!

tattoo removal on left shoulderOf course you should decide to begin tattoo removal by choosing certified specialists who operate only the best technology. Fortunately at our Campbelltown clinic, we’ve got you covered there too! Our advanced technology was the first of its kind in Sydney and not only removes all colours, but also rejuvenates and resurfaces the skin. A complimentary service accelerating healing, and improving the effectiveness of each treatment.

Guaranteeing tattoo removal in a specified number of treatments is a common marketing technique used to try and generate revenue, without satisfying the customer and almost always resulting in disappointment. The customer is left to continue paying for treatments, and is far from ink free. In the best of cases the client’s tattoo has been removed but is replaced with nasty scarring as a result. Their are many Sydney clinics who are guaranteeing removal in a specified number of treatments.

The truth is there are many factors to consider when determining the amount of sessions required to safely and completely remove a tattoo. For tips on improving your results from home, see our article on the lymphatic system. Other contributing factors include:

  • Age of the tattoo
  • Age of the customer
  • Colour of the tattoo
  • Skin tone
  • Concentration and depth of ink
  • General health status
  • Aftercare
  • Diet

Even the most experienced of clinicians can only predict how many sessions will be necessary. These predictions are made on the best available evidence, however each case is unique. It may remove in fewer or more treatments. We understand the frustration this can bring to the client, should they have to continue purchasing treatments.

Because of this, we guarantee our clients that in the event they need more treatments than originally estimated, they will receive free treatment for the following 12 month period. This is just one of the great offers we provide our clients and we look forward to being able to offer it to you too!

Extinkt Tattoo Removal Specialists are committed to maintaining our position as a leading provider of laser tattoo removal in Sydney. Head over to our Facebook page to keep up to date with our activity. Contact us to arrange your free consultation and begin your journey back to the clean skin you’ve been longing for.