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Meet Your Extinkt Tattoo Removal Specialists

A Little More Info About Who We Are. 

We wanted to let you know some more information about the owners and treatment providers at our Campbelltown location, delivering our service as South West Sydney’s Premier Clinic. We’re now approaching the midway point in our second year of trading (we’re growing up so fast!) and for all those who haven’t met us yet, we’d like to introduce you to your specialists. If you already have, we might yet surprise you with something you didn’t know!


Passionate about health and exercise from a young age, Joel completed a Bachelor of Health Science in Sydney in 2014 and proceeded to work in an environment surrounded by extreme sports and recreational activities. Joel enjoys travelling when he has the chance and listening to a wide variety of music in his spare time. As part of a company who’s primary objective was to turn ideas into achievements, and with an education in health, Joel helped develop the concept that became Extinkt Tattoo Removal in Sydney’s Macarthur region, and continues to aid a growing number of people in the community on their way to removing unwanted tattoos.

Spending a number of years in the United Kingdom pursuing a career in soccer, Matt completed a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Liverpool. He then returned home to continue his studies, and is a current Doctor Of Physiotherapy Candidate at Macquarie University, with graduation just around the corner. Matt picked up a number of tattoos on his travels and became passionate about providing our service when beginning his own tattoo removal in Sydney 3 years ago, aiming to fade some older ones for new work. Although quite busy, he still loves his soccer and is hoping to start playing again next season! As co-owner of Extinkt, Matt’s role is to help others once again be happy with their skin, by providing a scar free alternative to living with tattoo regret.  

Our Approach.

With both Extinkt members having backgrounds in higher education, an evidence-based approach to treatment was an essential part of the decision to found our company. An overwhelming and unrivalled amount of evidence for complete scar free removals lead to our investment in Quanta’s Q-Plus C technology, and we were lucky enough to be the first in New South Wales to operate the latest model in the EVO, which you can learn more about here.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this brief introduction to your Extinkt staff members! We look forward to chatting with you again soon.

As a premier provider of laser tattoo removal in Sydney, Extinkt deliver an exceptionally high standard of service for the Campbelltown region. Contact us today to arrange your free consultation and test patch.

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