How Long Should You Wait Between Tattoo Removal Treatments?

Allowing time for treatments to be as effective as possible.

When looking online and when actually visiting laser tattoo removal clinics in Sydney, the time given for recovery between treatments is something that varies greatly. The answers typically range from 4 weeks to 3 months. It’s a question we’re often asked and is something that’s quite interesting to break down and look at, so we have done!

In some circumstances, tattoos will remove very quickly, although in many cases it can be a reasonably lengthy process. Each tattoo is different and there are a variety of factors determining how many sessions will be needed (you can check those by following this link). This being said, the process by which the body clears away ink particles after each laser tattoo removal treatment remains the same for everyone.

laser tattoo removal sydney extinkt clock logoGenerally, the skin over the treated area can take anywhere from 7 – 14 days to completely return to normal. While this is the case, the body will continue breaking down the shattered ink particles throughout the entire rest period. Have you ever wondered why tattoos fade or look different over time? This is the effect of the immune system doing it’s absolute best to break down the ink, without the help of the laser. Unfortunately it won’t ever be able to completely do so.

Time Is Your Friend

As the tattoo continuously fades after laser, the further apart the treatments are placed, the more effective each treatment will be. Because of this, we recommend our clients book treatments 8 weeks apart. Booking this way means we have allowed an extra 12 weeks of fading per year, when compared with booking every 6 weeks, and a huge 24 weeks per year more than when booking every 4 weeks. Of course a treatment will be needed eventually and you can only wait so long, but this extra time will most definitely result in fewer treatments and more savings in the long run.

It also means clients experience less trauma to their skin, resulting in a much better outcome. In certain cases it may be acceptable to treat sooner than 8 weeks, should the client be very adamant; should very few treatments be required; or if the client is leaving Sydney for an extended period and would like treatment beforehand, but certainly the general rule is longer rest periods produce the best results in fewer treatments.

Something to think about!

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