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The Extinkt Tattoo Removal Christmas Sale!

Our Biggest Offer To Date. This Christmas, we’re offering a very limited number of clients the opportunity to receive 50% off their first 2 tattoo removal treatments! Be one of the first 20 new clients to book your appointment with us this December to receive your first and second treatments at half price. This offer […]

Meet Your Extinkt Tattoo Removal Specialists

A Little More Info About Who We Are.  We wanted to let you know some more information about the owners and treatment providers at our Campbelltown location, delivering our service as South West Sydney’s Premier Clinic. We’re now approaching the midway point in our second year of trading (we’re growing up so fast!) and for […]

Our Tattoo Removal Price Match Guarantee

All You Need To Know. If you’re doing your research and still can’t decide which clinic to choose, or if you’re mid-way through your treatments and not enjoying a long drive, or even if you’re just plain upset about how much your treatments might cost, we might have something that will ease your frustration. A […]

Welcome To Our Brand New Tattoo Removal Newsletter

Coming Soon To An Inbox Near You. For anyone considering tattoo removal in Sydney, we’ve put together a brand new email newsletter for you. If you’re one of our lovely clients or have enquired about our service online, you should receive our first ever Extinkt Newsletter very shortly. We’re compiling our list and it will […]

Tattoo Removal Treatments Can Now Be Booked Online

Selected Appointments Now Available. For both new and returning clients, a number of appointment times are now available through the online system here on our website. If there is a time displayed that suits you, simply select it from the list. You’ll then receive a confirmation email, as well as our normal reminder text which […]

Extinkt Tattoo Removal Transport!

We’re On The Road Around South West Sydney. We thought we’d share some updates with you on what’s been happening at our Campbelltown location in the last few weeks! We’ve recently had our first birthday, and our second year in operation is now in full swing. Last month we began advertising on the local buses, […]

What Is The White Frosting During Laser Tattoo Removal?

A Look At The Skins Response During Treatment. Especially visible during your initial session and still very common with the first few, you may have noticed that your tattoo gets a nice layer of ‘frosting’ after being treated with the laser. This is the very same reaction that is so often captured on video, as […]

How Long Should You Wait Between Tattoo Removal Treatments?

Allowing time for treatments to be as effective as possible. When looking online and when actually visiting laser tattoo removal clinics in Sydney, the time given for recovery between treatments is something that varies greatly. The answers typically range from 4 weeks to 3 months. It’s a question we’re often asked and is something that’s […]

The Tattoo Removal Aftercare Process

Looking After Your Treated Tattoo. In the hours and days following treatment, aftercare is an important part of the laser tattoo removal process. The skins response to laser can sometimes be worrying for the client, especially after the first session when it hasn’t yet been experienced. This is a normal reaction and a great question […]

Combining Laser Tattoo Removal & Skin Rejuvenation

Our Rare Approach For Advanced Results. In recent years, laser tattoo removal technology has advanced significantly, and complete scar free results are certainly now a very real option for many whom no longer wish to own their ink (or we wouldn’t exist!). There are however many machines available and choosing the right provider is crucial. […]

Campbelltown’s Outstanding New Business of 2017

Extinkt Tattoo Removal Specialists. It’s been an incredible opening year at our South West Sydney tattoo removal clinic and we’d like to thank all of our amazing clients, family and friends for your ongoing support. We’ve met some truly amazing people, and have been achieving some remarkable results, with plenty more on the way. We’re very […]

Interest Free Tattoo Removal Repayments In Time For Winter

Premium Laser Tattoo Removal More Affordable Than Ever. As we head into Sydney’s colder months, it’s a perfect time to begin your journey back to clean skin. The cooler weather means there’s less chance you’ll be going out in the sun and it will be much easier to protect your treated tattoo from those harmful […]

Just Need Laser Tattoo Removal To Fade?

We’ve Got You Covered. In most cases, where partial removal or “fading” is the objective, a maximum of 1-3 treatments will be required before your artist can provide new ink you’ll be happy with. The lighter you go, the more options you have! Historically, much darker tattoos have been required to cover ink that hasn’t […]

Eyebrow Laser Tattoo Removal.

Saying goodbye to your semi-permanent brows. Laser tattoo removal from this area of the body can be worrying for clients who are unsure of the process and outcome, especially as it involves delicate facial skin. Continue reading below to make sure you take the right path when considering having eyebrow tattoo removal treatment. In almost […]

Christmas Tattoo Removal Savings!

Huge Discounts On Offer. This Christmas, we’re offering clients the chance to receive 50% off their next session at our South West Sydney location! To redeem, simply refer a friend who successfully commences treatment. You will then receive your next treatment at half price, no matter the size or colour. This offer is open to both new […]