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What Is The White Frosting During Laser Tattoo Removal?

A Look At The Skins Response During Treatment.

Especially visible during your initial session and still very common with the first few, you may have noticed that your tattoo gets a nice layer of ‘frosting’ after being treated with the laser. This is the very same reaction that is so often captured on video, as it looks amazing. There are many Sydney clinics with video showing this effect. In some cases it even looks like the tattoo is being removed before your very eyes (just like in ours here).

second image for tattoo removal interactive sliderAlthough it can be a little misleading or even worrying for those who are not quite sure of what is taking place, it is exactly what the laser specialist wants to see. This normal response is the result of rapid heating of the tattoo ink, after the laser makes contact with it. It’s important to note at this point that (with our technology) we are in no way removing your ink by heating, or burning it out of your skin. Rather, it’s the impact of the laser that breaks the ink down into smaller particles. While this is the case, just like any reaction where friction is created, heat is produced.

It is this heat which causes carbon dioxide gas or plasma to form, which then rises to the surface of the skin, and it appears as if frosted over, hence the term ‘frosting’. This response is more apparent after your first treatment when the ink is much more concentrated and closer to the surface. Because of this, a larger reaction takes place, just like in our photo here of a recent treatment. The response is temporary and will settle over a period of approximately 5 to 10 minutes. Once it has, you will again see the ink that remains visible through the skin, and it will continue to fade further throughout the time between treatments.

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